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Fate Control
LTR: Olivier Bürki (bass), Christian Grütter (guit), Matt Cellini (voc), Markus Schlatter (drums), Lars Gygax (guit). Not on the image: Marc Frigg (guit)


Fate Control - a term coined in 1959 in economic sociology - describes a certain type of human power relationships: Are we in a position to control our destiny and escape the exercise of power by others?

After being involved in a variety of music projects, Olivier and Mario Bürki, Christian Lipp and Markus Schlatter unite to found the band Fate Control in 2010. The band’s style is oriented towards more modern, harder metal sounds.

Manning the keyboards since the end of 2010 is Manuel Wunderlich, who took over when Mario had to leave for health reasons. Fate Control finds the ideal frontman in Matt Cellini in spring 2011, and Marc Frigg is firing on all cylinders on second guitar since the end of 2011.

The energy and passion of the band members can clearly be felt in their first single "Knockout", released in 2012. Fate Control’s sound is clearly structured, with catchy melodies and hard rhythms.

Fate Control draws inspiration from bands like Soilwork and In Flames, on the one hand, and top American groups like Avenged Sevenfold, Chimaira, Slipknot and Five Finger Death Punch, on the other. The typical Fate Control sound is a distinctly modern metal style and was born out of a mixture of the successors of the classic "Gothenburg school" of metal and the more recent American New Wave, with a dash of metalcore.

Fate Control’s qualities as a live band are first successfully put to the test in July 2012, when they open the OpenQuer festival for Fiddler’s Green and Subway to Sally. The band then enters the studio to work on their first album.

In March 2013, guitarist Christian Lipp leaves the band. The vacant spot is filled by metal guitarist Rolf Spack in November 2013.

Following their online singles "Knockout" (2012) and "You Shall Fall" (2013), Fate Control releases their first album, "Random Survival" in February 2014. For this debut, Fate Control is very fortunate to be able to engage Swedish metal greats Daniel Bergstrand and Rickard Sporrong for mixing and mastering. Their record includes bands such as Soilwork, Meshuggah and In Flames. “Random Survival” is available internationally, both online and on CD.

Fate Control is currently actively seeking live gigs.

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